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Clowning Around


The clown is a unique being. He shares what he thinks, feels or wants, diving head first into every situation without feeling silly. Using mime, applied mask work, mimicry, object manipulation, and Lecoq-based exercises, you will learn movement technique concentrating on the articulation of the body and stage and body presence through a series of guided situations and improvisations. A profound lesson revealing the dramatic and comical power of physical communication. Whether experienced or a complete novice, you will surely learn something about who you are. The workshop will be conducted by Thomas Monckton.


In English


Suitable for aged 16 and above. No experience necessary. Please wear comfortable workout clothes.




Photo Credit: Juho-Rahijarvi, Heli Sorjonen



9 Mar 2016 (Wed)
7:30 - 9:30pm



Steam Studio





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