International Composers' Summit


Orchestration is the key to the success of a Chinese orchestra work. In view of this, the Summit invites notable composers to share their experience and insights into orchestration with the participants. Participants will also hear the different acoustic effects and styles through live demonstration by the HKCO.


Non-ethnic Chinese and students composers are invited to submit their original works to be performed by the HKCO during the symposium once selected. HKCO musicians will illustrate the characteristics of individual instruments in an extension activity entitled “Ten Don’ts”.


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In English and Putonghua 




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28/2 - 1/3 (Sun to Tue)



The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts





*Interested parties only need to pay a registration fee of HK$500 (50% discount for full-time students) for a summit pass to attend all of the activities throughout the three-day summit period.