U Theatre & Rundfunkchor - The Creation of Lover
LOVER, composed by the German Composer Christian Jost, is a music theatre work, setting into music, of selected love poems from Chinese ancient classics and the American poet E.E. Cummings. Directed by Ruo-Yu Liu, the founder and Artistic Director of U-Theatre, Liu chooses Tai-Chi San Shou, a profound physical movement from China, originally for attack and defense, as U-Theatre’s response to intrigue interactions between lovers. Tai-Chi San Shou exhibits the use of force back and forth between the couple based on their natural instinct to deal with the other’s intentions. Jost, on the other hand, creates the musical passages of tensions and relaxations between the chorus and drummers. LOVER, through Tai-Chi, attempts to connecting heart and body, and sending out the message of universal desire for love of all human kind. 
Join us at this insightful sharing session with director Ruo-Yu Liu, Drumming Choreographer Huang Chih-chun, and Composer Jose to learn about the creating process of this exciting collaboration.  
In Mandarin and English 
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2 Mar 2016 (Wed) 
7:30 - 9:00pm



Kwang Hwa Information and Cultural Center


Free admission. Registration Required.


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