HKAF@Cattle Depot Creative Hub

For many years, the Hong Kong Arts Festival has served as a platform for developing, planning and commissioning new works in collaboration with local, overseas and mainland artists, at times taking on the duty of production and even touring management.

Our brand-new 2019 'Creative Hub' project is an endeavour to optimise the creative process by enabling artists to invest their time and energy at the earliest stages of new work development. Over the course of three months, they will use the space at Cattle Depot Artist Village to strategically explore artistic directions, presentation formats and production models for a variety of creative proposals through discussions, research, workshops, rehearsals and exchange with overseas artists.

From January to March 2019, several new works will begin experimental development at this Creative Hub, giving artists space to self-reflect and improve their works. During that time, we will organise public activities, workshops and demonstrations to invite audiences and industry professionals alike to understand the artwork development process from a variety of angles while engaging with a multitude of artists.

After many rounds of discussions and selection, the works of the chosen artists and artist groups will range from chamber opera and innovative Cantonese opera to a variety of plays. Artists from different fields, backgrounds and schools of thought will come together at Cattle Depot, turning the site into a meeting point of creative minds.